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Mafia Tips For Quarantine, Benefits of Lockdown Reading, Life In Bali, & Zoom Security Flaws Analyzed

April 17th, 2020

Advice on the best ways to survive quarantine by someone who spent 8 years in solitary confinement, why reading is different that other forms of lockdown entertainment, chatting with Derek Baron in Bali, and a look at Zoom's security zoomed out.
How An Ex-Mob Boss Survived Isolation
6 Benefits of Reading Every Day
Are Audiobooks As Good For You As Reading? Here’s What Experts Say
Why Listening to a Book Is Not the Same as Reading It
Does Thinking Burn Calories? Here's What the Science Says
Sam Esmail Interview (How I Wrote Mr. Robot):
COVID19 and the Film Industry
10 Nerdy Things to Watch on CBS All Access (Besides Star Trek)
Flula Borg Math Lessons:
Brian Greene's Book + Others mentioned:
India's Corona Police
Indonesia's Corona Curfew Ghosts
Security and Privacy Implications of Zoom
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